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Center of your body, center of your life

If you are exercising or interested in your body you probably know that if you make your center/core strong and if you learn to concentrate and use your core, your exercise becomes stronger and injury-free. Core is an amazing center and has an unlimited power. All the dancers flying around are using their cores, they lean on their center.

During exercise If you put a pressure on other places like waist you will hurt yourself, so bad. So your safest bet during exercise to stay at the center.

Once I was in the subway and I decided not to hold on anything and use my core instead. Amazingly I started to feel much more balance and peace. It was interesting because at the beginning it was hard, then i found this point where i could unite my body with subways movement. That way I did not fall and was sweeping to left and right with subway's motion. Then I said to myself "Can I be free from this motion too?" I found this point in my core where it held me in a perfect balance. I was steady and at this point I was no longer swept by subway, I was in total control. Yes subway was moving swiftly but I was at the center and my center held me tight, I was not even shaking. I was in total peace.

Then I looked at around. I was the only one who were experiencing this.

Everybody else was trying to lean on other things, and they were all swept by subway from one direction to the other.

Many did not have control over their movements.

They needed to lean on something so they would not fall. and they also had to accept subway's swift movements to stay erect.

Our bodies is representation of our lives. Yoga is all about that.

Life is like a subway, it keeps pushing us around, we don't have any control of it.

In order to decrease this affect we try to hold on things.

We never think about our center, like in our bodies.

In each of us we have a center and if we learn to go there, life will not affect us that much

We can put all our burden on to this center

This center is so strong and that's the only way to get away in life with peace

It is hard to explain but one of the things people do like drugs, alcohol and other things are all attempt to find this center.

We all know and we are looking for it

Unfortunately things like drugs and alcohol are one of the worst ways to find this center as when we don't take those things we get away from it. Far from it..And next time you might need to increase the dosage and then we all know what happens.

There are also other form of drugs look like not so dangerous, but they are as bad as drugs: like addiction with your partner, working too hard, getting rich, etc..Even yoga and meditation, all those things that seems so nice..

They are dangerous if you are using them to escape from your problems...You might be feeling to have touched to your center but in many cases you are escaping from your center.

When you exercise , the only way to get stronger muscles and core, is to make your muscles so tired and make them hurt. If you stop exercising before your muscles in pain, you can't get your muscles stronger. That's the science of our bodies. It is amazing tough, if you can endure the pain, then you feel this amazing relief..One of the reasons why we feels so good after exercise. Because we endured the pain and made our body stronger and accessed our center/core even more.

Same with life, when things get harder and painful, usually many people don't want to feel the pain

So they drug themselves with many things from the selection: It can be alcohol but it can be even meditation.

When you use meditation to solve your problems and get away from pain, it has similar effect on you like alcohol

It numbs you

Next time when you feel the pain during exercise or during life, try to stay in it, try to feel your center and try to put all that pain and burden on your center. If you keep doing this, I promise you, you will feel lighter and lighter each day and after sometime you will never have to experience pain as a negative thing that you need to get rid of it, you will welcome it as a precious thing that will make your center stronger, so that you can feel bliss and peace all the time, without needing to lean on anythings



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