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Freedom only exist in the mind

For many people freedom is a physical thing

Most people define freedom as ability to do anything they want

Choosing people they want to hang out with

Choosing the job they want

Having sex with anybody they want

Having enough money to be able to buy anything they want

Express themselves in any way they want

you know the drill..

But none of these can be about freedom

Because physically we are not free

We are stuck in OUR NATURE We have to drink water We have to eat We have to share space with others

When our body is sick, none of those freedom including money might matter

We might choose go out naked in the freezing weather but nature will try to kill us, and remind us that we are not that free, we are limited by NATURE

Doing whatever you want is also not freedom

Imagine that you are overweight but you also want to eat burger and fries all the time.

What happens if you eat burger all the time and keep hurting your health

While you did something you wanted, It actually hurt you for the long term

Is this freedom? Doing things that hurts you

We have lots of physical limitations

Nature limits us, nature is not as nice as many like to think.

We actually accept these limitations without realizing it

We heat our houses in the winter, we wear warm clothing in order to protect ourselves from harsh cold weather

When weather is very hot, we lock ourselves inside and enjoy air conditioning

A real free person would not need any of those

Free person is the one who overcame his nature

He can go out in the freezing weather or stay calm under burning sun for hours

Nothing will happen to him

I am not against to live with the limits of the nature, it is actually nice, we are living together by respecting our limits

While we seemed to accept physical conditions that was set upon us we don’t seem to be accepting other conditions or limitations

That's the dilemma we are having..

World is not heaven, anything can happen anytime

There will be never world peace, and earthquakes tornados will keep happening

Your heart will be broken, there will be injustice, you will hurt people, they will hurt you etc..

We can never change outside conditions and people , it is also not our place to change the world.

Look at science, science claims to make the world better and easier for humans but science also created atom bomb which killed 150K people in 2 days in Japan.

Look at religion, religion made people fight and kill each other more , for salvation

Look at Silicon Valley, all out there to change the world. Tech companies aiming to change the world only ending up using people's private data to control them and convince them to buy things they dont need

Look at free hippies or socialists , they basically don't want to work and make love and dance all the time without caring all the work we need to do to live.

Look at the changing independent free women, who do not have to get permission from their husband, they can wear anything they want, they can sleep with any men they want, they can freely fix their boobs, and show their boobs in public with a hope to end up with a man who can pay for her expenses..

Most of the changing the world attempts have hardly changed or freed us.

Changing world phenomena is a resistance to the existing conditions.

It does not like us the things as they are ..

I am not talking about creating amazing things that helps with our lives.

Things that are done with love is different than things that are done with hate

Taking action because we hate something will cause hate, and it will not free anybody.

Taking action with love is different, that is the only thing that can free us..

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