I am an analytics consultant so I deal with different kind of data everyday both quantitative and qualitative. I use data to understand people's behavior in business. Data can tell us many different things about us and life, but all scientific discoveries are the result of observation, testing and inspiration. Algorithms come later after keen observations.


If I want to introduce myself with data I would talk about my age, my height, my job, my origin of birth, my hair color ,my education and so on..But none of these things are me, I can only be understood by direct observation.

Of course same with you and with everybody else. We can only know ourselves and others with true and clear observation. Most relationships are faulty because people hardly communicate with each other through their true selves.

Most of us are confused about life. We think we are getting the best education when we are studying masters and PHDs in famous schools. But all those education are never about life, they are mainly about our jobs. When we are growing up nobody teaches us what life is; nobody teaches us how to think and how to move through life. We think we came to this life to go to school, to earn money, to get married, to make babies, to party and so on..


We really need some kind of manual of life and luckily  this manual is available to you free right now. It is you. You are the manual. I invite you to get to know yourself better. You don't need gurus, religions,belief systems and other people to tell you who you are and what you should do in life. When you meet yourself, you will see , there is nothing else to know. You will be liberated forever.

I am a yoga teacher, student of Shiva Rea and Mark Whitwell, focusing on Hatha Yoga of Krishnamacharya.

I am also interested in sufism and Rumi. 

love to you all

sibel akcekaya

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