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The Unconscious

In my previous 2 posts I tried to give you a brief introduction to unconscious.

When we are growing up nobody teaches us this. We are going to amazing schools, we build jet engines but nobody talks about unconscious as it is a secret dirty subject.

Nobody teaches us the source of our desires, habits and attractions. It's like all these things that we build in the world, all this amazing technology is trying to hide the fact that WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT OURSELVES.

We all prefer working OUTSIDE of US instead INSIDE of US.

We don't understand the source of our habits. If we knew we could change it. I mean who wants to be angry, jealous, lazy, stubborn, greedy, unsatisfied all the time. Would you not want to change these habits of yours?

Secret lies that thing called unconscious. It is the term Carl Jung used. I like his term, because it defines everything that is outside of our consciousness . It is the source of all your desires, motives, thoughts, opinions and beliefs in life. It can make your life good but It can also ruin your life.

Some people are moving through life easier than others, they might look like stronger or luckier than you are. Physical features matter but not so much. If you look at the world and people around you, the happiest people are not the most beautiful or the richest ones. On the contrary some of the rich, beautiful and famous people end up torturing themselves with drugs and alcohol. You might think If I could only be that beautiful ,that rich etc..but when we see people who have all these and still not happy, then we wonder?

We are all born with different qualities. Visible qualities are easy to see and most of them are coming from our families. Our race, looks, our house, our monetary conditions are all coming from our family . What about our not-so-much-obvious qualities such as our habits, talents, dispositions. Where do they come from?

We all know the answer : from our family and from our environment. You can observe this if you watch yourself and your closed ones consciously. Yes we might have some distinctive features but we are product of our families. These family features are getting stronger or weaker during childhood.

That's why Carl Jung said "The best thing you can inherit to your children is clean subconscious"

So if you're father is an angry one, it is likely that you are going to be an angry one too.It is not so hard to see it. If you are growing up with that kind of person, you will probably develop that kind of reaction to deal with that person. Unless you are an enlightened person from birth, you will end up participating to this anger and it will be your reality.

That's what they meant with original sin in Christianity, original sin means "no baby is born into this world with a clean slate". We are all reincarnation of our ancestor's genes.

This one is the big source of your unconscious. This one is the big source of your positive and negative habits.

If they are all good things, amazing, you are indeed lucky. You will not have too much struggle in your life.

I know amazing people who are born like that, they are loving and compassionate and they are natural, they are not trying to love , it is who they are . They never need to do yoga or need to pray, or involved with spirituality. But what about rest of us who came to this world with not-so-good-karma. We are less lucky for sure.

I invite you to examine your unconscious which can be your true power or true weakness. If you can get to know it little bit, you can actually change it. Being angry, stubborn, lazy, stupid, sad, depressed is not your destiny, you can change it all. Just look at your family and see what kind of traits you inherited. The moment you realize it is actually a separate thing you have a chance of transformation.

Is this not worth to explore? Is this not the real liberation?

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