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Defending Labels: Source of all the fights

I am a woman

I am a man

I am fat

I am skinny

I am beautiful

I am short

I am tall

I am very nice

I like this

I dont like this

usually we do not really live

we lose ourselves in so many labels

even so called positive discrimination comes from this issue

even negative discrimination comes from this issue

Once I red an article about a woman who works in Slicon Valley who was complaining about how the work place is very masculine, because boys were playing video games..

Can you believe that? She expected others to stop becoming who they are so that her WOMAN label can find more ways to dominate..Boys were just playing games, they are not going to do star doing make up so that WOMAN label can survive...

That's usually why negative discrimination does not decrease even in civilized world.

When we expect special treatment to our labels, it will clash with other labels.. If you want to dominate your GENDER, BELIEFS, LIKES AND DISLIKES , it will be clashed with other people's LABELS.

The only way to end fights, is to give up labels.

You will see after some time, if you can really give up your labels, your desire to dominate your amde up facts, world will be a nicer and peaceful place


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