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Liberating from Group Dynamics

Most of our limitations come from the groups that we are part of it

In some groups you should always go out on Saturdays and have party otherwise you might not be cool and you might not be invited to a party next time

In another group going out and clubbing might be seen waste of time and unnecessary. You would be expected to do something more intellectual activities like going to the opera

Then maybe you are a part of a group where going out, drinking and dancing might seen sinful and you are expected to go to church on every Sunday

So if you are a person who sometimes go to opera, sometimes go to a club, sometimes sits at home and sometimes visits a church you might have a hard time fit in to a specific group dynamics.

Any group with certain rituals and behaviors will always limit individual expression and freedom, and will try to turn people into collective creatures.

Once a friend told me that she had to use an unknown drug because it was offered in the group. Although she was very scared to use this drug, she did not want to reject it because of group dynamics. She was so scared and she waited somebody else to reject first, but since nobody had balls to refuse this drug, all used it. This is a very dysfunctional and dangerous group where group addiction was encouraging drug addiction.

Beneficial groups should allow 100% diversity where people choose to hang out together for no reason. Diverse groups are the best because each has a chance of transforming the other , each has a chance to experience something new. Some like to go to church and other like clubbing. Maybe one day these people will meet and try both, that's how we can open our minds and experience new things.

It does not mean that we would like these new experiences but how can we know if we never try?

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