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Advertising through human ego and stupidity

You are watching a shampoo commercial

You are amazed by that girl with an amazing beautiful hair

You know and everybody knows that this girl is a model or a famous celebrity

Who has always had this beautiful hair


But she keeps lying on the screen and you know it is a lie

But it is a hope, maybe your hair can look like that

You know that it will not

But for some reason it will not stop you, and you will go to the store and buy and use that shampoo

Have you wondered why you do that?

Why you waste your money and energy on something that you know that is useless

It is because of the unconscious ego

This unconsciousness is so powerful that you actually end up buying this product although you know that model's hair has nothing to do with that shampoo

But your ego is so desperate to have that image, that it can't think rationally

It makes you think that if you could only have that shampoo

if you could only have that hair

if you could only have that beauty

if you could only have that glamour

maybe at the end you will relax

you will be loved

you will find salvation

but we all know that it is not true

dont we know?

but I actually know certain kind of people

who would keep using that shampoo

although their hair do not change

they really dont care

still they keep using the product

even in some cases using the same product that the beautiful model using

is enough for them to feel little bit better

it is like an identity enhancer

and it is totally empty, hollow

but how one can't see that?

that's my wonder

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