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The Hero with A Thousand Faces- Joseph Campbell Part 1- Handling the Truth

The truths contained in religious doctrines are after all so distorted and systematically disguised" writes Sigmund Freud.

Joseph Campbell gives the example of what a child understands when we tell a child babies are brought the stork, here we use symbolization because a child is not ready to understand about sex yet (since they are not at that age yet). Here we say the truth but in a symbolic clothing, we know what large bird signifies, but child does not understand it.

Joseph Campbell tries to explain symbolism in religion and mythology.

But you might ask why religion or ancient books disguise the information? Why the symbolism. It is because most humans, not sure of their origins, not sure about their purpose, are not really ready to understand the truth.

If you remember the scene from Matrix where Cypher decides to go back to Matrix because he does not like the reality. He prefers lies over reality. This is what many people do all over the world, they drug themselves with many things so that they don't have to face the reality. Chemical stuff like alcohol or other drugs are not the only things people use to numb themselves. People are very creative in that sense. They can even use yoga and meditation to escape from the reality.

In many cases reality can be related to a personal problems like the fact that

"Your husband cheats on you"

"Your wife doesn't love you anymore "

"You are not as talented as you thought on that job"

"You might lose money"

"You might stay alone"

How people who can't handle these truths can be ready for another truth about their existence?

Only people who has a courage can learn the secrets. Life do not give us more burden than we can handle.

Imagine what if this is a long dream and you can wake up anytime, how would you react? Most people actually would stop trying..

Imagine what if ghosts are real? And imagine if they show up suddenly in the middle of your room? What would you do?

In a world where people try to pile up lots of money instead of living the life, we can see that people are not even ready to accept death which is inevitable.

But if you are ready to find out about the truth with an ease, please start reading this book.

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