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La La Fantasy Land

So-called special days like New Year is nothing more than getting together with loved ones.

Let's all remember the fact that following things will not bring us anything.Those are simply fake things we created in our minds to escape from our problems.

a new year

your birthday

external god







Depending on them will make you lazy and will distract you.

None of them can improve our lives..

There is no such thing as LUCK.

We only WE can improve our lives right here and right there

By doing the work that is required

By focusing the step that is in front of us

But first we need to get rid of lie, envy,comparison and complain

Because If we still carry those feelings, it means that we don't trust ourselves

It means we still think we are weak and useless..

The truth is we are all powerful and amazing

We don't need to wait or we don't need to depend on anything or anybody

We are ENOUGH to be content in this life time

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