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People are not your dogs!

Once upon a time I met this sweet girl. She was very beautiful and she seemed very nice at the beginning.She always showed her care towards animals and she said she loved two dogs she owned very much. When I started to spend more time with her I also realized her preference of dogs over people. I wondered why?Then the reason was clear after spending time with her.

She liked her dogs because dogs did everything she wanted, dogs loved her unconditionally. She would even beat them and dogs would still love her.

She also expected that kind of behavior from people.

Her sweetness would disappear when you stopped obeying her. She was pissed at people because other people always did not do what she wanted.

I actually started to see this behavior with more dog owners with an attitude of "Dogs are better friends than humans"

Dogs are not your friends, they are not choosing you consciously. They don't have such love/hate emotions. They are not humans. They are only devoted to their masters by their nature, nothing more.

But people are not your dogs. Nobody came to this world to please you and you also did not come to this world to please others. We are all here to connect with each other. We are all here to nurture each other.Nothing more

Nobody has a right to expect others to behave in a certain way you like.

Of course you don’t have to put up with these behaviors and you can react accordingly, but you have no right to blame anybody for anything.

We can see this behavior in personal relationships.

"He never buys me flowers"

"She never cooks for me"

"He did not return my call"

"She needs to lose that 10 pounds"

"He does not say "I love you" every day"

OMG..Stop being so whiny..Go and get your own flowers, look at the mirror and love yourself. If you believe that the guy does not love you because he does not bring you flowers, leave him and date somebody who is willing to buy you flowers and so on..Do whatever you want, choose whomever you want..

But no, you don't leave him but you want him to change and become the type you want to be

You want him to be your puppet or dog..

Guess what? People are not your puppets or dogs.

welcome to the adult human relationship world where you have no right to change people.

You can be adult in relationships only If you accept people as who they are


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