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What is YOGA?

Let's start with "what yoga is not" as popular culture corrupted most important parts of this ancient technique.

We humans corrupted lots of ancient techniques and religions as a way to find our own unique way.

So for me corruption of these teachings can somewhat be useful if we become depended on religion or teachings to find our own truth

We can actually find our own truth without depending on anything.

On this path we need one important tool though, that is expanded consciousness

In order to understand ourselves and others better, we need to be more conscious

Yoga is an ancient technique that can help you on this path.

Yoga is not a religion, it does not tell you how you should live or what happens after death

If your yoga teacher gives you such comments, leave that teacher

Your yoga teacher should not even tell you what you should eat

Yoga is simply coordinating your breath with your movement.

Yoga is not muscle exercise

Yoga is not trying to achieve headstand by making your muscles strong

If you do headstand solely working on your muscles without flow or breath, you are not doing yoga

You are simply doing fitness, an exercise

On this path your muscles can also get stronger, but it is an end results that is initiated by breath and balance

If you are not feeling balanced, flexible and strong in your life, try Hatha yoga.

But you should not go to studio group classes.

Yoga is a private practice and is unique for each person.

In studious everybody tries to flow together and everybody is doing the same move

Yes that is not yoga

Because everybody needs different flow and everybody's breath cycle is different.

If everybody did real yoga in a studio, nobody would flow together

Yoga is not a synchronized event

Question: Why do we have different positions in yoga?

When we change positions, awareness change..

By changing positions we shift out attention of awareness so we are not constant or stuck

We are moving from grass to subtle by not becoming hard, but becoming strong

Hard people have no awareness


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