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Mind and Body connection through Heart

Food affects everybody differently

Life affects everybody differently

There are some foods that you can't digest, that your body does not like or accept

There are some life events that you can't digest, accept

Foods you eat but you cant't digest bog your system, they are stuck in you, or you feel bad or you will feel bad later

Events you experience that is hard for you to digest or accept, makes you stuck in life, most of your energy goes there

Your body might give you a sign and let you to get rid of that food

by throwing up or by poisoning so you can get rid of it

When you have experiences you digest you can express yourself , get angry and then maybe done with them

But if your body does not take that bad food out, it stays in your body then can cause diseases

If you live with events that you can't digest for a long time you can go to depression or turn into different drugs

This is one of the examples for your body and mind connection

They affect each other in many mysterious ways

One of the questions we might ask?

Would our body digest better and stay healthy if we had an easy time with our lives?

meaning: if we could welcome any experience in our lives without resistance

You would see some people eat a lot and never gain weight, then you will see other people who have always been struggling with their weight all their lives

Same food creates different affect on different people

some people allergic to million foods, some people not allergic to anything

Usually we just end up giving credit to genes and never try to understand the mystery here

There comes heart in to the picture

HEART is the source of it all

All the things you can't digest in your life

Maybe you lost somebody once, you were betrayed, you were abandoned, you were mistreated and maybe you are being mistreated now..

all the thing you can't let go stuck in your heart

then your mind pick and choose that things he does not like

your mind likes this

your mind does not like that

You like black people but not white people

You are disgusted by somebody who smells bad

You are irritated when you hear loud voice

You can't stand being waited

You dont want to be friends people who is slow

You don't like when there is a traffic

You don't like married people

You don't like single people

You don't like gays

You don't like women


you know list goes and on and on

so many things you resist

so many things you can't digest

No wonder why your body has a problem with digestion

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