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Materialism is not about having many things

Materialism is about addiction to some things or even one thing

Materialism is an issue in your life

Because it will not let you live your life

It will make you live a life that was based on some false idea that was created by mind

And mind collects this ideas from others, from yoru family, society, from movies , books etc..

Materialist life is not based on YOUR heart or intuition, it is not based on YOU

It is based on the brain

so it is a very limited life

Materialist person is not free

She/he has to have certain things

Based on some sort of idea

that was created either by her/him or by the society

A materialist person

has to marry

has to stay single

has to go to school

has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend

has to have sex

has to stay celibate

has to have children

has to live in NYC

has to be always size 0

has to have lots of money

has to go to Yale

has to be CEO

has to be a singer

has to be a dancer

has to behave a certain way

this and that

Think about a young person who says that she wants to marry (although she has no candidates at the moment)

But how a young person who has just starting a life with no relationship experience would know that she should marry

She does not know

It is something she has seen because her mother was married or she saw this life on movies, growing up

So according to her (more accurately according to her brain) that's what she is supposed to do

It is an automatic response

She does not think that she has another choice

Because her mind is not open

She is addicted to this idea

without any question

Like a slave

Then she will look for partners to marry

Marriage will be more important than anything

Her own happiness, partner's happiness or meaningful intimate relationship

When addiction to the idea is so strong, even marrying wrong or bad person will not be a problem.

Non-materialistic person is free

She is open to the life

She is not addicted to anything or against anything

She does not think that she has to marry or she has to stay single

She lives her life

Maybe one day she meets a nice guy

She might live with him or marry with him, depending on her circumstances at the time

But that would not be her purpose

Her purpose would be to be happy, and nurturing relationship with that man

Materialism shows itself very clearly with material things

Some people are very sure that they can be happier if they had more money

Of course we always need some minimum amount of Money to live our lives

But thinking that we are going to be happy if we have 10 million USD, we are wrong

absolutely wrong

just look at the rich people

do they seem so happy? without any problems


Because money is just a paper

We never want the money

We never want the things that we buy with money

We want the feeling that is created by the things that we buy with money

and at the end

if that feeling is required

it is our ego

it is materialism

it makes us dead

like a pile of dead computer code

that was created by mind

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