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The only rule you need to obey in your life

is to know that there are no rules

People will tell you all sorts of bullshit

You should get married

You should get divorced

You should stay single

You should go to the school

You should not go to the school

You have to see Paris

You would hate Paris

You should have a child

You should not have a child

You should eat this

You should not eat this

You should meditate

You should exercise

Do this

Do not do that

blah blah blah

These are the mind chatters of other people

These are the rules that people set for themselves

These are the limitations that was set int he minds of people

We can have a teacher, guide, yoga teacher and therapist, and some of them might be useful

But they should never tell us how should we live our lives

They can guide us to find the tools that can help us

Tools that can help us to give decisions

A meditation teacher should teach us how to meditate, but our meditation teacher should never tell us things like "be vegan", "be nice to people"

That's the reason why many organized spiritual movement like religions, end up being a terrible thing.

It is because some people try to manipulate other people

why do you allow that?

don't you know that you are your own guru

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