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Uncontrolled thinking and actions are all caused by disturbed energy

In the new age self-help book era, everybody is talking about self love and controlling your thoughts.

That's what many yoga practices are based to

As if If we can control our thinking, we can suddenly feel free and peaceful

And that is not the truth

Thoughts are not the problem

Source of the thoughts are the problem

But of course when we think too much and when we numb ourselves there is no way to realize this truth

But if we manage to calm down, sit down and do not change anything

We can feel the real reason of our uneasiness, unhappiness and depression

First step is to be aware of our thoughts

Second step is not to do anything about it (drinking, talking, taking drugs, going out, sleeping around etc..)

then we might be ready to let it all go

If you can sit like that by yourself, you can actually feel the energy that directs our thoughts and actions

It is really disturbing and painful at first

It is our wound that is open and tender and it hurts so much when it is hit

When somebody says something that can hit this wound, it hurts so much

And we feel this pain as an energy.

If we never stop and look at it, we never feel this energy, its process is really fast

It creates anxiety and fear and it creates all these thoughts

Then our brain starts to make very intelligent plans to get rid of this pain

We might think that money, that school, that career, that boy, that food, that drug ,that shoes, that party would end this pain

It does end the pain but it certainly soothes the pain for sometime until the affect of that solution fades away

If shopping soothes us, we would need more and more everyday and night

But that way we do not end the pain, it goes to deeper, and later it would be so hard to clean it

If we can sit and observe and feel this energy on our body

Something beautiful happens

We realize that it is just an energy, it is nothing

We realize that all our fearful and anxious thoughts come from this energy

We also realize that we are stronger than this energy

All we need is to feel it, watch it, surrender to it. Let it be there..

Then watch it leaving you

Oh it is amazing feeling, because you healed one of your wounds

You are lighter and happier

There is no other way

No magical wound

No magical yoga pose

No magical plant or substance

that can do this

The key is always in you

And the only way to feel happier

is to sit with yourself

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