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Game of Happiness

There is only 1 way to be happy..

And that is

To decide to be happy no matter what

Many people actually don't want to be happy

They have lots of conditions to be happy

"I am going to be happy when I win that exam"

"I am going to be happy If I marry"

"I am going to be happy if i get that job"

"I am going to be happy if she treats me that way"

I am going to be happy if i change jobs"

If you decide to be happy based on conditions

It means that you really don't want to be happy

Subconsciously you actually like to suffer

Otherwise you would not have created that many conditions

Shit happens in this world

and we don't have any control over it

If you have thousand conditions on happiness

you will never enjoy your life

you will keep suffering

from now on

make this as the most challenging game you have ever played

be happy no matter what

the most important thing to understand when we deal with a difficult situation is this:

After something happened , you can't change it

It's already been CREATED

It's already HAPPENED

You can cry

you can curse

you can create violence

you can blame

it does not matter if you are right or not

none of the things you are going to do will change it

your unhappiness will not make it okay

next time if something you don't like happens to you

stop fighting with creation

stop fighting with god

stop saying things that don't matter like "this should have not happened"

cause it already happened

stay open

stay peaceful

this will pass too

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